Employee Handbook

What is the single most important communication document between your business and your employees? The employee handbook gets that distinction. However, many small businesses don’t bother to think about this document until they have to deal with an uncomfortable employee issue. Only then will they take the time to think about policies they need.

Business owners want to think about business; growing the business, making their customers happy so they get more business, and creating products and services they can offer to get more customers or bigger customers. Business owners don’t want to think about a handbook filled with a legal jargon and policies that will tie their hands behind their back. They want to be free to run their businesses as they see fit.

The employee handbook should reflect your specific business (which is not something you can get on the internet for $100.00). Yes, there is some legality that needs to be addressed, but most of what appears in a handbook is specific to your company. That being said, you can make it as binding (or not) as you want.

We have the tools and experience to walk you through the process and we promise to make it as painless as possible!

In addition we also have the ability to create specific Manager / Supervisor Guidebooks and HR Process and Procedure Manuals. The Manager / Supervisor Guidebook give managers and supervisors an overview of the human resources function and will help managers understand their role in the HR process. The HR Process and Procedures Manual will give the person who handles HR for your company an overview of their role and outlines all of the HR processes for your company.