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Grow HR Consulting, LLC is a Houston based consulting firm that supports businesses that don’t currently have — or need — a full time HR staff. At Grow HR, we respect that small business owners are too busy growing their business to get involved in the HR function of their organization. Unfortunately, too many owners ignore this aspect of their business until it’s too late and they have no choice but to address Human Resources head on.

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The hard truth is that the leaders we work with don’t have time to learn all the employment laws and regulations that they need in order to be compliant. This is where Grow HR Consulting, LLC shines! For far less than it costs to hire an HR Manager, Grow HR Consulting, LLC has the background and knowledge to get small companies set up with legally compliant HR processes and procedures. We also help mid-sized companies — that usually have some kind of HR structure in place already — to strategically grow that structure as they reach the next level with their company.

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All of our solutions are fully customized to the specific needs of the client we are working with. We offer our services two ways, retained consulting or project consulting. Retained clients pay a monthly fee and receive specialized services in addition to being able to pick up the phone any time there is an issue they are unsure of or need advice on. Project clients are able to receive specific outcomes to their specific HR issue, for example you might only need an Employee Handbook or an HR Risk Analysis, but don’t want to retain us for ongoing issues. Either way, we are happy to help and provide the service that’s right for you!