Latest Projects

Some recent completed projects:

Created an Employee Handbook for a 30 person printing company that had no written policies and procedures; designed and participated in the roll-out to all employees.

Compensation design for a 220 person organization where we created a pay structure (base pay plus incentive pay) based on the companies pay philosophy, using available market data to structure the pay bands and how the bands will be used moving forward..

Created state supplements for a 200 person insurance company to add to their current employee handbook. This involved a tremendous amount of research into all 14 states the company has employees working. Now the client is compliant in all states they currently do business in.

Conducted an internal investigation for a 100 person manufacturing company that was having some serious issues with a small group of employees that in turn was affecting a much larger group of employees. We were able to give the client a clear picture of the issue and help them to find a resolution that they were comfortable with that also reduced their exposure to possible future legal issues.