Performance Appraisal Program

How often do you talk to your employees about what they want from their job? How many times a year do you have a formal conversation with your employees about their performance? Do you have employees set annual goals and do you follow up to help them achieve those goals?

The performance appraisal process is one of the most loathed of all the HR functions. Managers hate conducting performance appraisals and employees don’t like them much better. However, if you have ever conducted an employee satisfaction survey you have probably discovered that employees want more communication from their supervisors and managers.

We can help you develop a complete performance appraisal program that is specific to your company or we can work with you on any aspects of the performance process, such as:

 Performance philosophy
 Determine format – online or paper
 Rating system creation
 Form creation (if needed)

Let us help turn this misunderstood process into one that your managers and employees look forward to.